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We provide Spring and Fall cleanup to help get ready for winter and the upcoming growing season.  Don't let your yard get out of control.


Spring Cleanup Services include:

  • Removal of debris from landscape beds and lawn using blowers and rakes

  • Mechanical raking to remove thatch layer and lift matted debris from lawn

  • Re-edging and defining of landscape beds and tree rings


Fall Cleanup Services include:

  • Removal of leaves and sticks from landscape and lawn

  • Mulching of leaves using special blades on mower

Optional Services 

  • Bagging all leaves and clippings

  • Cutting back of perrennials

  • Collecting and hauling away of leaves and debris

Many lawn care companies provide mowing but make a few critical errors that result in poor turf conditions.  Some examples are:

  • Scalping on uneven surfaces

  • Mowing too short resulting in burned out turf

  • Creating damage to lawn from improper turning

  • ​Dull mower blades that rip instead of cut the grass


ROCCO MACCHIA INCORPORATED understands how turf works.  With this understanding comes proper cultural practices.  Our clients can expect:

  • Same day weekly visits

  • Mowing in different directions each week to prevent rutting

  • Cutting at the correct height for the season

  • Blowing off grass clippings from landscape beds, pavement, and hard surfaces

  • String trimming ( weed wacking ) around landscape beds, curbs, pavement, and anywhere mowers cannot reach

  • Professional striping resulting in a beautiful manicured lawn



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