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Pruning is essential to keeping your trees, hedges and woody shrubs looking their best.  Pruning rejuvinates and promotes a thicker more lush plant.  Some general benefits of pruning are:


  • Promote Re-bloom

  • Promote new growth from auxillary branches 

  • Reduce spread of disease by pruning infected limbs

  • Decrease nutrient usage by unwanted limbs

  • Increase aesthetics

  • Thin out old, dead branches

  • ​Decrease size and retain natural form


At Rocco Macchia Incorporated we believe in proper pruning techniques.  We use hand pruners, sheers, and  hedge trimmers pending plant material and clients requests.  Whether you need and expensive Japanese Maple pruned just right, a natural looking cluster of flowering shrubs, or a formal apperance row of boxwoods,  Rocco Macchia Incorporated is the company to call.

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